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Free Tutorials - Welcome!

Hi there! Are you looking for free tutorials? Then look no further!

We have brought you this site with free HTML tutorials and will be adding CSS and JavaScript ones over the coming months!

April 2011: Apologies for the down-time recently. We had a few server issues. And finally, with the epic amount of client work going on, we intend to start updating and building our tutorial base as well to include HTML5 and CSS3. In the meantime we can recommend some great resources by other authors. So if you are interested please to e-mail us at feedback[at]

Guest Writing?

Absolutely! If you would like to contribute a tutorial, that would be excellent and we will include a dofollow link to your website as a thank you!


All our tutorials are written in a down-to-earth style that we hope you will find helpful. Any new jargon is explained in easy-to-understand language so you don't feel lost.

Each tutorial builds on the one before so nothing is assumed about your knowledge before you start!

All active tutorials can be found using the menu above, which means if you feel confident enough you can skip to a subject you're interested in.

So, please select an option from below and enjoy learning! If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we'll do our best to answer as soon as possible!

Free HTML Tutorials Free CSS Tutorials Free JavaScript Tutorials

About This Site - In Case You're Curious!

This site is a mOxby Design project and we are a Peterborough web design business.

Our origins are of old, they say! We started out in 1996 originally providing JavaScript tutorials before deciding to brach into website design and development.

The original site was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Only in 2009 did we decide to fully re-develop it as an on-going project of ours. So please enjoy it, make suggestions and if you write your own tutorials and would like them publishing here, let us know and we will see what we can do - with full credit to yourself of course!

This Site is Currently in WIP Stage

This means the entire site is currently a work-in-progress, from the design and features to the actual content & tutorials.

So if you come across any incorrect text, or have constructive criticism or suggestions then please e-mail

The stages after this are: Pure Writing (all design finalised), Beta (intense testing of all features and site appearance), Alpha (where everything should be sorted), and Final Release.

Tutorials will be added to the library after Final Release and we will be open to contributions from you!

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Introduction to HTML
Your first HTML page
HTML Fonts & Colours
Adding Pictures
Using Links & Anchors
Bullet Point Lists
Frames - Divide Up Your Page
CSS Tutorials Coming Soon...
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